Hello blog readers! Sorry not post anything for the last week, but I’m back today with a post about our revamped webinar schedule! We have always done webinars in the past to help educate our customers on how to better use our products for their needs or give a demonstration of new features. Now we are going to be doing the same, but more frequently.

Our new schedule will have EnlightenCRM webinars every Tuesday around 1PM MST, LMScheckout webinars every Wednesday around 1PM MST, and Multi-Tenancy related webinars every Thursday around 1PM MST. These webinars will usually run about an hour and will cover everything from the basics to the most advanced features and why and how a customer may use a specific function. To register for an event for see all available webinars, visit our events page here or by clicking the image below.

Events Page

We understand that not everyone will be able to attend these webinars as not everyone lives in the same timezone, which is why we tried to put them in the middle of the day. This way those of you in Europe will be able to attend after dinner, and those more to the west can attend in the morning. However, some still may not be able to make this time slot, so we will also be recording all of our webinars and uploading them on our website here. You will be required to register, which can be done here, to see the recorded webinars, the same as the lives ones, but this way everyone has access to the information. We do still suggest that you try and attend the live webinars, this way if you have any questions, you can ask and get an immediate response with a possible example.

We will also have a few irregular webinars as we see fit or as requested by customers, but you can count on the Tuesday through Thursday schedule to stay the same. If for any reason it will not happen for a given week, say holidays, we will give everyone fair warning.  As always, thank you for reading and if you enjoyed, feel free to subscribe and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Again here is the webinar registration link and the recorded webinar registration link.