Commercial Learning Management at an Open Source Cost.


Totara brings corporate features to the worlds most popular open source education software.

Get better value with flexible authoring options

Totara gives you the best of both worlds, a solution that covers both authoring and learning management, and allows you to use your favorite authoring tools.

  • Combine instructor-led, self-paced learning, and social for a blended approach, all in a single course.
  • Flexible options; roles and permissions, course progression, group based activities. You have the power.

Develop your people with Learning Plans

Show all the learning, competencies, and objectives employees are working on now, their upcoming deadlines, what is mandatory, and what to prioritize. Learners monitor their progress and directly access learning activities from their plan.

  • Manage the process with approval workflows, comment boxes, and notifications
  • Set-up is easy with learning plan templates to structure the workflow between learners and their managers.

Managing compliance, certifications and programs of learning

Totara makes managing regulatory compliance simple.

  • Define and manage the structure of certifications and recertification paths. Set expiration dates.
  • Edit notification templates to automatically send custom messages.
  • Run reports on the compliance status of every person in your organization. Track upcoming expirations and progress toward certification renewals.

Certifications are also integrated with our program management system enabling your team to rapidly build learning paths by grouping courses together into logical sequences and setting the timing between them.

  • Assign certification and programs to individual learners or in bulk, by organization, position, or audience.
  • Create and export reports on their progress and completions.

Getting down to earth with Seminar Manager

Synchronous, face-to-face learning remains a highly-effective training method even in the most modern of enterprises. And while this form of learning is as old as human history, you need a sophisticated tool to organize and manage the training, schedules, rosters, notifications and attendance tracking across your enterprise.

  • Add custom fields to sessions for improved administration. Select from a broad range of notification types or create your own for each learning event.
  • Publish in the training calendar for improved visibility.
  • Set management approvals.
  • Track and report on interest, registrations and attendance for each event.

On the move with Mobile Learning

  • Out-of-the-box Totara products are designed to be fully responsive – meaning the user interface will adjust seamlessly depending on what device you are using; desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • Add an HTML5-based mobile app, available as free and open source that can be extended or fully-branded to harmonize with the look and feel of your LMS.

Learner focused Catalogs

Let’s face it. The way you present your catalog of learning opportunities is very different from the way it needs to structured for the team managing and delivering them. Our solution: we give you two interconnected catalogs, making it simple to promote and also efficiently manage enterprise learning.

Motivate with Badges

Badges are a simple yet very effective way of accrediting and gamifying learning. Assign badges with any number of criteria such as completing an activity, a course or a set of courses, or passing an assessment.

Use badges to achieve a wide range of operational objectives:

  • Flexible, visual, recognition of performance
  • Talent pools – identify pools of talent and specialists quickly and easily
  • Motivate teams – badges build reputation amongst peers, and motivate learners to go that extra step
  • Extended enterprise – badges enable companies to innovate with their networks, build trust and promote the brand with learning managed across the extended enterprise in a valid and verifiable way.

Managing performance

Powerful tools to manage employee performance.

  • Conduct appraisals
  • Discussion, feedback and analysis between managers and employees
  • Align performance with personal and company goals

Setting Goals

Connect high level goals at the organizational level with detailed objectives at the individual level using a flexible tiered approach.

Getting smart with Appraisals

Conducting appraisals is a core business practice. As with all of Totara’s features, we deliver flexibility to this central process.

  • Generate checklists or questions for the assessments
  • Seamlessly assign forms to selected groups, define stages for when the forms need to be complete and send out reminders.
  • Monitor progress at any time. Staff can share status updates. Managers see how appraisals are proceeding and follow up when appropriate.

The full picture – 360 Feedback

360 Degree Feedback helps managers ask a wider group of participants for feedback ensuring a more holistic review of staff member performance.

Skills and Competencies

It’s simple to build competency based learning and performance frameworks in Totara LMS.

  • Create multiple competency frameworks, with and without hierarchies.
  • Map competencies to positions, organizations, and courses.
  • Competencies automatically appear in learning plans to users assigned to those positions and organizations.
  • Link courses to competencies to automatically populate learning plans.

Team Management

Regular team performance check-ins help keep your teams working like a well-oiled machine.

  • Dashboard provides up-to-date information about team activity
  • Tasks section advises the manager on tasks team members must complete
  • Statistics reporting provides high-level team info and trends
  • Managers can approve and deny learning event requests
  • One-click access to team members’ learning plans, user profiles, course bookings and progress records.
  • See info on courses and competencies started and achieved.
  • Create, update, delete and approve learning plans.
  • Allocate new courses, competencies and objectives to learning plans.

Powerful Reporting

One size does not fit all. Flexibility is key.

  • Use the power of Report Builder to build custom reports from predefined report sources.
  • Report Builder enables personalization with customized search filters and column selections.
  • Assign pre-built or custom reports to any system role.
  • Filter reports by organization, position or user information.
  • Scheduled reports can be sent via email at specified times.
  • Export reports in a variety of common formats.

Getting creative with Custom Look and Feel

Your instructional design team has created or sourced amazing looking and highly-engaging e-learning content. Your LMS should look and feel just as great, right? Move beyond the rigid constructs common with other learning management systems. Give your workforce a truly unique and memorable learning experience with Totara Learn.

Create a fully-responsive environment suited to any sized device with the advantage of HTML5.
Configure different menus and look and feel for each Audience.
Create custom learner catalogs.

Talking your language

Totara is translated into many of the world’s languages.  Plus it’s easy to customize a language when you want localized terminology. Speak Pirate anyone?

  • English (US and UK)
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Finnish
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Magyar (Hungarian)
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (European)
  • Spanish (International)
  • Swedish
  • Thai

Target with Audiences

Have you got different groups of employees, contractors, customers, partners and distributors—all with specific and evolving training requirements? You need an effective way to target these audiences.

  • Define, edit, and manage user groups using unlimited combinations of rules built on your organization’s dynamic HR, CRM, and ERP data.
  • Define Audiences based on key events within the system, such as completions and logins.
  • You can even define Audiences based on other Audiences!

Represent your world with flexible Hierarchies

Hierarchies store your company’s entire organization and job structure, so you can manage learning, drill down within reports, and control access to reporting data.

  • Browse, search, and select from these hierarchies to define audiences, assign certifications and programs.
  • Create reports for any level in the organization.
  • Connect HR Sync to your HR system and get your hierarchies updated automatically each day.

Integration across the enterprise

To better manage and develop your talent, it’s essential your LMS connects with key business information systems. Maximize your return on investment and minimize your data entry tasks with HR Sync.

  • People, position and organization data will regularly be updated automatically from your HR system.
  • Your CRM is another example of a business information system that’s good to have “talk” to your LMS. Products and services are constantly changing – your extended enterprise needs training. Totara Partners have extensive experience with a large number of enterprise HR and CRM systems including PeopleSoft, SAP, and Salesforce integrations.

Getting it together with Single Sign-On

Totara Learn integrates with every enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) standard on the planet including SAML, LDAP, NTLM, Shibboleth. Have a custom SSO infrastructure? Totara can support it via web services. We support all major web-service protocols: REST, SOAP, XMLRPC, and JSON. Talk to our Totara Partners about integrating Totara Learn with your enterprise SSO.

Being a team player with Web Services

Web services are the language of your enterprise’s learning ecosystem. Totara Learn includes over one hundred web service functions and supports all major web service protocols (REST, JSON, SOAP, XMLRPC, and AMF). And because Totara Learn is open source, you’re free to customise the application and write new functions to do exactly what your organization needs. Make sure your LMS is a team player.

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