Turn Shopify Into An Online Training Store!


What is Shopify?

Sell your products and accept credit card payments from buying customers. Shopify gives you everything you need to run a successful online store.

  • Shopping cart tools
  • Over 100 themes to choose from
  • Simple to set up in only minutes
  • Coupons and gift card options
  • Dynamic app exchange ecosystem
  • PCI compliant and secure

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Shopify Consulting Services

Store Setup & Configuration

Shopify is simple to set up. If you are still unsure, let Envisiontel consulting help you:

  • Setup and configure a custom theme
  • Customize settings to meet desired workflows
  • Choose and configure 3rd party apps that enhance store performance
  • Integrate with other 3rd party services
  • Provide training and enablement services

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We Have An App To Integrate With Salesforce.com!

Our Shop2CRM app will integrate the product catalog of Salesforce with Shopify and then map all transactions into Salesforce as “closed won” opportunities.

Shop2CRM integrates Shopify with Salesforce.com for a seamless customer management experience.

  • The Salesforce product catalog is synchronized with Shopify
  • Customers purchase products from Shopify
  • Shop2CRM creates contact records in Salesforce
  • Transactions appear as “closed won” opportunities with associated products
  • Custom triggers in Salesforce are used to drive further business processes
  • Ask us how course from Moodle and Totara can be added to this workflow


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