Hello blog readers! A few weeks back I published a post about Blackboard and our new integration with them as another learning management system (LMS) for Enlighten CRM and Salesforce. Well today I’d like to go into a bit more detail about and focus on the Blackboard support with the Salesforce1 mobile app and Salesforce based course catalog. Hopefully you guys enjoy and as always, please comment below to let me know how I’m doing here on the blog and how we’re doing here at Envisiontel!

Salesforce1 My Learning

Salesforce1 is Salesforce.com’s mobile application that allows you to take the most powerful CRM on the go on your mobile device. Now that we are partnered with Blackboard, we have created a plugin to allow Blackboard to integrate with the Salesforce1 application so that all your My Learning courses will be accessible right on your phone. You will be able to take courses on the go, track your progress, view grades, and use all other features of your My Learning and salesforce.

My Learning in Salesforce

The images above and below this text show how the In Progress tab and the Course Catalog took within this Salesforce.com plugin. You will notice that you can see your current progress for your courses on the In Progress page.

Course Catalog Salesforce

In the past we had created a custom plugin for Salesforce.com that allowed users to see their Moodle/Totara course catalog without having to leave Salesforce.com. We have gone back into this plugin and updated it so that it will also show your Blackboard course catalog as well. Another feature of this is that if users have both Totara and Blackboard, they will be able use both of these and all courses within both LMS’s will appear within this plugin. The way that we designed it was so that all course would be show in one place, but using the filter users will be able to sort the courses based on which LMS they are coming from as well as the standard filter options. This plugin makes for a more fluid experience within Salesforce.com.

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