Enlighten CRM is a salesforce.com plugin that fully integrates student data and processes from Moodle and Totara. Both of these LMSs are open source, so they do not require licenses, making it simple and cost effective to administer for large external audiences. With salesforce integration, you can eliminate the need to track and manage student progress through XLS spreadsheets. All student information and progress can be tracked through salesforce contacts records. Our plugin will even recognize existing contact and automatically approve them within your LMS. You can also create rules to allow auto-approves for pre-accepted domains.

With salesforce integration you will also have the ability to automate email communications and promotions with students, create performance dashboards and analyze metrics against other organization data, and tie student records into your marketing automation workflows.

With modern day learners, a course that demands hours of nonstop focused learning can be hard to fit into the agenda on any given day. People prefer an on-the-go solution that they can fit into their busy schedules. One way that Envisiontel is helping to accommodate these on-the-go learners is by making our Enlighten CRM plugin mobile friendly. With the salesforce1 mobile app, learners can take their “MyLearning” with them anywhere they have cell service. Learners still can’t stop for a quick educational learning session at the peak of Mt Everest, but for those within the three quarters of the world that has cellular coverage, they will have complete access to their courses.

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