Hello readers! Welcome to the Envisiontel blog. In todays post, I will be talking about the in-depth LMScheckout Theme Designer, how you can use this to completely customize the look and feel of your LMScheckout store, and a new feature addition to the Theme Designer. As always, I would love to hear your feedback about our posts and our products here at Envisiontel.

When you first create your LMScheckout store, it will come with an out-of-the-box theme, banner and logo. After connecting to your LMS and getting your general settings configured, it’s time to theme your store. Within the Admin Portal, on the left hand navigation bar, you will see Theme Designer. This is where you will go to change the entire theme of your store.

Theme Designer

From here you will be able to change everything about your stores theme. Starting off with the header, you will be able to change the opacity, color, text color and whether or not the header is sticky. A sticky header just means that as you scroll down the page, the header will remain fixed to the top of the page. Next you have the ability to update the logo that is shown at the top left of the header. This image must be no larger than 300 pixels by 78 pixels. You will also be able to include margins on the top and bottom of your logo.

Logo Position

After the logo, you will see the area to change the banner for your store. You can change this to be an image, a solid color, or get rid of the banner all together. If you reference the image above, the banner is the entire strip between the navigation bar and the header.

Continuing down through the Theme Designer, you will see the Call To Action, which will appear over the banner image. Here you can include a customized message with a button to send your users to another URL. This can be very useful for promotions you may be putting on or to send users to your companies website. Every bit of the text and coloration of your Call to Action can be changed.

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As with any good theme designer, you can change all the text and buttons throughout the entire store. This is not done by change one color for text and one for buttons but many different types of text and buttons, used for many different purposes throughout the store. In total there are 23 different types of text, backgrounds and buttons to change throughout the store.

You also have the ability to add analytical code to your store, so that you can see all the traffic and clicks throughout your store. This can also be done within the Theme Designer. If you reference the image below, you will see that I have added a snippet for google analytics for my store. This will not be visible anywhere within the store view, but will allow you to access your google analytics console to view the statistics.

Edit Analytics

After all your analytics are setup, you can customize what will show up within your stores footer section. Here you can choose the coloration of the background, text and links as well as including your store name, business contact information, and your social media links or any other link you may want to include.

Finally, we have added two new customizable features to Theme Designer: The ability to enable/disable links within the navigation bar & the ability to create a home and landing page for your store. Enabling/disabling links in the navigation bar is pretty self explanatory. This can be done if you only want to show a set of featured courses or want to make a calendar private for admins only. The ability to add a homepage is an addition that can brighten your store for first time visitors or explain anything your organization might want to share with users. This homepage can be turned on and off, depending on whether you want it show or not. Within the same editor, you can also choose a landing page for your store. This will change which page will appear when someone first visits your store. At the moment, this can be set to the All Courses page, the Featured Courses page, the Homepage if it is enabled, or the Calendar.

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Once you have your store setup, make sure to go into the Theme Designer and mess around to see how you want your store to look!

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