Hello Readers! Welcome back to another Envisiontel blog post. Today I will be talking about the single sign-on capabilities of LMScheckout, using SAML. I will also be talking about our presence at ATD 2016 this year and what this could mean for you, so please, read on!

Using an application such as LMScheckout often means that you will be jumping from one application to another, which means you will need several usernames and passwords to gain access to them all. Within LMScheckout, a typical workflow could mean starting from a website where a user is authenticated then passed over to LMScheckout to make a purchase and then finally passed on to Totara to participate in a course. Having to remember and re-enter user details as you jump from application to application can be tedious and a waste of time.

This is why Envisiontel has implemented single-sign-on using the popular industry standard SAML, which allows users to have single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities. Customers can configure SAML settings in LMScheckout so that their customers can authenticate in existing online applications and then easily access LMScheckout without having to create new accounts or sign in.


For those of you interested in how this works, SAML is a data format standard for SSO capabilities. It’s very widely supported in most popular cloud-based systems and can easily be supported by most Active Directory systems. LMSCheckout can act as a SAML Service Provider (SP), so a customer could configure their Identity Provider (IdP) to talk with LMSCheckout to allow SSO logins.

If a customer has SSO enabled in LMSCheckout, it will require an administrator to login via the IdP (like Active Directory) and then they will be taken back to LMSCheckout in a logged-in state. The benefit being, the customer only needs to know their username/password for their company network and then they can proceed to LMScheckout or any cloud-based platform their company has configured for access.

Singe Sign-On

On another note, our Envisiontel team will be attending the Association of Talent Development (ATD) 2016 conference this year here in Denver, CO on May 22nd through the 25th. We will be on the show floor with one of our partners, Lamba Solutions, and can be found in booth 1254. Please feel free to stop by to discuss any of our applications, specialized consulting, or just for a friendly conversation about the realm of e-learning and e-commerce.

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