Today we are happy to announce the release of two major product enhancements (LMScheckout now supports programs) along with some bug fixes and code optimizations that will improve overall usability for LMScheckout. We release new updates almost weekly, so please feel free to sign up to the right for notifications when new updates are delivered.

LMScheckout now supports Programs

Feature Updates (LMScheckout now supports programs):

  1. Totara Program support. Totara, which is a commercial deployment of the open source LMS Moodle, offers a course packaging solution called “Programs”. These are essentially groupings of courses where student access and ordering is controlled by the settings of the program. Rather than enroll a student into multiple courses individually, an admin can package multiple courses into a program and then simply enroll the student to one “thing” that then controls enrollments and access to all the courses within the program. With this new feature release, admins can now offer programs for sale through LMScheckout.
  2. Bulk user uploads to include mapping to all custom profile fields. Up to now, an admin could upload a list of users to the system using a .csv file. The file needed to contain first name, last name and email address. Through this upload, the users are created and then sent confirming emails with a link to activate their account and change their password. LMScheckout supports the creation of any number of custom profile fields that can be set as optional or required. The new upload feature allows the admin to upload users and include any of the custom profile fields they have created for user profiles.
  3. SAML single-sign-on support. Store owners can now configure their store for single-sign-on using SAML, an industry standard protocol for identity management in the cloud. This feature is found in the account setup area and may require some assistance from the envisiontel team depending on the setup they have for SAML support in their identity provider system.
  4. Child Stores. LMScheckout now supports the beginning of what will become our Hub & Spoke model. Admins can now clone their current store to create either a child store that is linked to the parent store or a cloned stand alone store that has all the same settings but is not linked to the parent store.
  5. Private Corporate subscriptions. We will soon be deploying full subscription support in the coming weeks, but for now we have enabled the ability to convert a store to a private corporate subscription model. This allows an organization to create a private branded, all-you-can-eat store for customers to sign up for and consume courses.

Bug fixes and optimizations:

  1. A bug was fixed that prevented the uploading and saving of logo images in the theme editor area.
  2. A new message has been added to the My Account area when a student clicks to launch a course. Courses open in a new popup window so many folks were not seeing courses on mobile devices or desktops when their browsers were enabled to block popups. The new message will alert students to be sure to enable popups in order to view their course.
  3. Mass upload increases. Up to now, admins were limited to 100 or less students when performing a mass upload into the system. We continue to optimize this process to allow greater numbers to be uploaded at a time. We now can support up to 500 users at a time.
  4. Re-using email addresses across multiple stores. Previously an admin could only use a particular email address with one store. If they wanted to create another store, then they had to use another email address. This limitation has been lifted and now an admin can use the same email address across multiple stores.

If you have any questions please contact us. If you would like to try LMScheckout for free, please sign up for a trial below.

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