Hello readers! Today I will be talking about a few new LMScheckout updates and added features. We have been hard at work this month to push a lot of new content out for LMScheckout and we have even bigger plans in the future. Read on to learn more!

To get things rolling, Live Classrooms are officially…..you guessed it, live! Live courses give administrators the ability to set up face-to-face events with a physical or online location from within LMScheckout. You can specify the course name, course details, location, session times, number of sessions, and course instructor, without having to switch over to your Adobe Connect or GoToMeeting account. Once a location or instructor has been specified, it can be saved within LMScheckout for use in future events.

This is the first step towards our current goal of making LMScheckout completely self-sufficient, meaning you will not need a thir94 d-party provider to create and store courses, webinars or events. This will make LMScheckout a one-stop-shop for all e-learning and e-commerce activities.

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Enjoy the spring weather!