As the demand for LMSCheckout has grown over the past few months we have added many features to improve upon the user experience and some upon personal requests from our clients. Today I will be covering the addition of bulk purchases, the ability to set a subscription model for your store, and the login as feature. If you like our blog and find it informative, please subscribe and share our content. Happy reading!

Bulk Purchases :

Within your LMSCheckout store, your customers will now have the ability to buy multiple seats to a course at once. When a course is added to the shopping cart, an option will appear in the cart next to that course called “Purchase for Others.” Once this option is checked, customers can specify how many seats they would like to purchase and proceed with checkout as usual. Once their purchase has been processed, and approved if approval is needed, they will see a new option pop up under the My Account section on their My learning page called Manage Users. Here they will see all of the courses they have purchased seats for and can manage the users for those seats.

Subscriptions :

The subscription feature for LMSCheckout allows store owners to set a monthly based subscription model for users to buy that will allow them to access everything within the store for as long as they keep their subscription renewed. The subscription model also allows for store owners to apply discounts as an extra incentive to get customers to subscribe for longer periods. This subscription payment model can be very useful for people who want a cheaper option to gain access to your materials without having to permanently buy the courses. The model has proven to be very effective in todays market, as shown by companies such as Netflix, Adobe, and Microsoft. Why buy a single course for $99, when you could buy a three month subscription for $135 and gain access to every course or a single month for $49 with access to every course?

Login As :

As our most recent feature addition, Login As now allows administrators to login as users within their store. This is an extremely useful feature for troubleshooting problems that your customers may be experiencing or testing changes to your storefront, as seen through the eyes of your customers. Here at Envisiontel, we use this feature daily. It is invaluable to be able to see the issues first hand that customers are experiencing. Most recently, a customer had an scare where they thought they needed to completely redesign their theme due to an issue they were encountering, but after looking at the issue first hand using the Login As feature, we were able to change a few settings they had overlooked. This feature allowed us to better identify the problem the customer was having and them money that they didn’t need to spend.

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