LMSCheckout was designed to be a revolutionary e-commerce solutions for selling courses online, but it can also be an easy to use e-learning delivery system for your multi-tenant corporation. Rather than trying to send your users to a confusing Learning Management System interface such as Moodle, send them to a clean and easy to use LMSCheckout page to allow for an easy, user friendly experience.

We currently work with a company that solely uses LMSCheckout for the purpose of offering companies an easy to use e-learning delivery platform. They have their parent store which has over 2500 courses they created and they go from business to business selling child stores to their customers. Within these child stores, they have the ability to offer only the courses relevant to the customer. As they add new courses over time, they can choose to include them in specific child stores to tailor the learning for the companies associated with each store. This offers the businesses an easy all-in-one solution for training their employees and extended enterprise. Many companies prefer this corporate solution because they simply pay one fee for multiple seats in their personalized store. That way it doesn’t matter if an employee logs in to only take one course or every course offered.

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