Hello blog readers! Forgive my lack of posts as I was on vacation for the last week, but I am back! Nothing to big happened over the last two weeks as we have been working on a few large and rather time consuming projects, but I do have two small feature updates for you guys. Read on to see what these updates are and as always, leave your comments and thoughts at the bottom of the page!

The first of the new features for LMScheckout is the ability to sort your All Courses page by the Course IDs. This will allow those of you who have several courses within a defined topic, such as Technical Training (T100-T500), all of the related courses will show up according to their Course ID. An example of this would be: Introduction to Applied Customer Solution (ACS 101), Intermediate Applied Customer Solution (ACS 201), Advanced Applied Customer Solution (ACS 301), Introduction to Technical Training (T100), Intermediate Technical Training (T200), etc..

All Courses Sorting by Course ID Admin View
All Courses Sorting by Course ID Store View

The second and final feature addition is the ability for administrators to change the color for courses on the calendar that any given user is enrolled in. Each course will already have a color associated to it in the calendar based on how it is tagged, but this will make it so that all courses a user is enrolled in will show up as the predefined “enrolled course” color set by an administrator. Refer to the two images below to see an example of how this will look.

Enrolled Course Calendar Color Change Admin View
Enrolled Course Calendar Color Change Calendar View

As always, thank you for reading and please subscribe for more posts. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Have a wonderful and keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post! We have some big projects in the work for the future of LMScheckout!