Hello readers! Welcome to the Envisiontel Blog. Today I will be discussing a lot of little changes and bug fixes we have made within LMScheckout in the past week. This post will be a little different from previous posts, so please feel free to comment below and let me and everyone else here at Envisiontel know how we can improve. Thanks in advance and enjoy reading!

First off, we have a lot of changes revolving around the checkout process. Administrators will now have the ability to choose which types of credit cards they accept through the payment process. Depending on which payment method is setup for your store, you will be able to choose whether or not to accept Mastercard, Visa, Diner’s Club, Discovery and/or American Express. Along with this new feature, you can also choose which card logos will appear on the checkout screen. Administrators will find this feature within Checkout Settings, under Commerce. In the image below I have chosen to only accept Mastercard and Visa, in addition to turning the other card logos off.

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Next, we have two user requests for usability/quality of life updates. If you’ve ever had to go in and make changes to multiple courses within the Course Settings sections, you know how frustrating it could be to have to find your course, make the change, save it, and then have to go look for the course again within the list, because all your sorting options weren’t saved. We have changed this process by updating the system so that when you save, rather than being taken back to the default list view, it will save your sort settings so that once you save your course changes, it will refresh with the same view you were in before you clicked save.

The second user requested feature was the addition of an html box on the subscriptions page. Administrators will now have the ability to add a description on the subscriptions page and display that subscription either above or below the subscription options. As with all of the other html boxes in the admin portal, you can also include images or videos within this area. See the image below for a view of what this will look like within the Store View.

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Finally, we have found or been directed to three bugs within LMScheckout, which we have now fixed. The first being the issue that if a user was deleted in LMScheckout, they were also deleted within Totara. We have fixed this issue so that when a user is deleted in LMScheckout, their account will be suspended within Totara, not deleted. Second, there was an issue with the wysiwyg editor’s on the LMScheckout site not showing iFrames properly. This was not allowing users to put an embedded code snippet on any pages within the store. This bug has been fixed and should be working properly now. Last but not least, there was an issue with the subscription options for all LMScheckout stores. No matter which options a user chose to turn on, whether it was the 1 and 3 month options or the 6 and 12 month options, all 4 options were showing up in the store view. The unselected options were greyed out, but still visible. We have gone in and fixed this so that only the selected subscription options will show up and will be centered on the page.

As always, thank you for reading and if you enjoyed, please subscribe/follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Keep your eyes peeled for several large feature additions in the coming months! Have a wonderful day and we hope you come back to our blog in the future.