Hello blog readers! Welcome to the Envisiontel blog! Today I have quite a bit to talk about, mainly a few small feature additions and bug fixes. As always, I hope you enjoy and please leave your comments below!

The first new feature we have added is the ability to pull Course IDs over from your LMS, so that they are shown in LMScheckout. This addition will make finding similar courses much easier for customers (i.e. K101, K201, K301, etc), and also adds a new way of sorting your courses when you are in the admin panel. If you go into your manage courses section within the admin panel, you will now be able to sort your courses by their Course IDs. This will make it easier for administrators to make changes to a specific series of courses.

The second new feature we have added to LMScheckout is the ability to give courses or products a SKU. A SKU or a Stock Keeping Unit, is used as a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased through your business. This may not seem like the most useful feature for online courses, but this feature was added more so to get ready for additional features we have planned for the future. The biggest of which, will be the ability to sell physical products online through your store! I will have more information on this in the months to come. Stay tuned!

CourseID Admin View

Refresh All Courses

The third and final new feature is the Refresh All Courses button that has been added to the Course Settings sections in the Admin Panel. In the past when you updated a course in your LMS, you would have to wait for the system to run a cron job and push the new information over to LMScheckout or run a manual cron job yourself using a specific URL given to you by our team. Now you can immediately get the updated information in LMScheckout by simply pushing the Refresh All Courses button. If you see the image below, you will notice that this button is located in the top righthand corner. If there is no new information to pull to LMScheckout you will get the message “Your changes were not saved. Please try again.” If new information was pulled, it will say, “Your changes have been saved.”

Refresh All Courses Button

As we are constantly adding new features and updating old features within LMScheckout, there are bound to be bugs. We do our best to find them all before we launch a feature, but its inevitable that some will slip through the cracks. As such, if you ever find any bugs while using LMScheckout, let us know and we will get it fixed as soon as possible!

With this in mind, we have fixed a few recent bugs that have been brought to our attention. There was an issue with coupon codes where they would still be able to be used after there expiration date. This has been fixed and they should again become void after the expiration date. Live classes were having and issue that would not allow URLs to work without including http:// or https://. This has been fixed and should be working properly, with or without http(s). Finally, the calendar has been updated so when you hover over a course it will show the time of the course rather than showing the date, which was a bit redundant.

That is all for this week! As always, thank you so very much for reading and if you enjoyed your read, feel free to subscribe and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The links for which can be found on the navigation bar to the right. For those of you who are in the US, have a wonderful 4th of July, and for those of you overseas, have a wonderful weekend!