Elearning Has Been Our Thing For Over 10 Years!

Scorm - HTML 5 - Mobile

Elearning content comes in all shapes and sizes. We work closely with our customers to taylor content based on learning needs and desired method of delivery.

  • Mobile-ready formats
  • SCORM and AICC compliant
  • Popular video formats like mp4
  • LMS-ready and tested
  • Flash supported
  • Wide array of voice and visual talent
  • Professional script writers
  • Dedicated project managers

We have a proven process

That leads to proven success.

Upfront Analysis

Envisiontel works with your team to assess the who, what when, where and hows of your training.

Project plan

A detailed project plan is developed and approved by key customer stakeholders with milestone due dates.


We develop a wireframe of your learning that includes script outlines and visual mockups.

Capturing required content

Our project manager will work with your subject matter experts to gather required training details for the storyboard.

Content Development

A production specialist will define required imagery and animations for each slide.

Show vs. Do

Content will include demonstration materials along with interactive elements to engage the learner.


Scripts are created for each slide with animation synchronization points identified.

Pronunciation keys and glossaries

Our project manager will create pronunciation keys and glossaries to assist voice talent.

Graphic Design

Envisiontel graphic artists design the content “theme” along with all slide level images and animations.

Format support

Content is optimized for multiple delivery bit rates, screen resolution sizes and for mobile devices.


Envisiontel provides a large selection of both male and female voice talent.

Audio optimization

Envisiontel optimizes all recordings for length and bandwidth requirements and then synchronizes it with the material.

Testing & QA

Once content is produced, the Envisiontel team thoroughly tests and quality assures it to ensure it works as required.

Learning Management System

Content is tested on the customer’s learning management system to ensure proper tracking is working.


Envisiontel will package content and deliver it on DVD media or upload it to a repository of the customers choosing.

Source files

Source files can be delivered for easy updating of content in the future.


Content can be produced into any media format and include SCORM, AICC and Tin Can API support.

Compliant content

All content is tested and confirmed for proper tacking and reporting.


All content is built in a modular fashion so that material can be easily maintained over time.


Building content in a modular fashion makes it easy to support translation and other localization needs.

How We Do It

Green Screens

Envisiontel leverages green screen technologies to create dynamic embedded video avatars that engage and entertain learners.

3D Animation and Motion Graphics

Customers don’t need to spend money on exotic locations and expensive actors to create engaging video content.

See Us In Action

Watch as one of our designers creates graphics and compiles resources to create an elearning module using Adobe PhotoShop and  Captivate.

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