One of the biggest requirements for learning management that we hear at Envisiontel is around the concept of multi-tenancy. This can take on many shapes and sizes, but the gist of it is this. Organizations want to have a single repository of courses that they can manage, but then provide a unique user experience in participating with those courses that includes custom branding, limited visibility of course options and siloed reporting that can be self-managed by external customers.

multi-tenant lms model

multi-tenant lms model

Since most learning management systems are designed for education or for corporate HR, they do not incorporate these types of capabilities. By the time you add in other custom needs like ecommerce, group management and enrollment controls, the cost to deploy a learning management system can get priced out of reach of most organizations. Envisiontel is addressing this requirement in a unique way that combines commerce models that include one-off transactions, site subscriptions and private corporate subscriptions with a parent/child deployment model that we are calling Hub & Spoke.

Before we take a closer look, let’s analyze the various use cases that can benefit from a Hub & Spoke model.

  1. Companies that want to present a custom training experience to each of their corporate customers
  2. Training organizations that build and deliver custom bespoke training to enterprises
  3. Organizations that sell training through a partner/reseller program
  4. Educational companies that want to create separate storefronts for each department in the organization
  5. Companies looking to build their own online sales model

While this doesn’t capture all scenarios, it certainly represents the majority of situations we see here at Envisiontel. Our customers are in the business of training their customers. To this end, we have created a product that can support key features that facilitate these types of deployment models. Within LMScheckout, you can:

  • Create a parent store within seconds and configure it to offer courses in just a few hours
  • Clone a parent store to create a new child or stand alone store, saving hours of setup time
  • Configure all stores with the same or separate cost models that include shopping cart transactions, individual site subscriptions or private corporate subscriptions
  • Manage approvals and reporting from the parent store
  • Incorporate group access rules across all stores to control student course visibility
  • Create site wide discounting rules
  • Configure themes and branding for each store
  • Assign end users to limited admin roles that give them control over organizational reporting that prevents visibility of the entire student population

The LMScheckout Hub & Spoke model is a truly unique learning management solution that provides companies with the ease of use, monetization models and reporting capabilities they need to effectively manage customer and partner training programs. Training the extended enterprise is now easier than ever.

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