Introducing the Enlighten Suite of Moodle and Totara Plugins

englighten suite

Extend and Enrich your LMS with the Enlighten Suite of apps.

Streamline learning workflows to simplify LMS management, navigation and reporting.

Turn Salesforce into a powerful Learning Management System!

Use Salesforce as an identity provider and create a single-sign-on connection to valuable training.

EnlightenCRM is Salesforce mobile compliant to make your Moodle or Totara training catalog mobile ready and accessible through the same app that your reps use to manage the rest of their work day.

  • Salesforce mobile ready out-of-the-box

  • Compliant with Apple and Android mobile devices
  • Training dashboards give students instant access to required training
  • Single-sign-on to training simplifies access for reps
  • Maintain training history for on-going reference
  • Grades and other course results tracked in Salesforce
  • Integrate with Salesforce Chatter to add social learning
  • Provide access to My Learning through Salesforce communities

Enlighten Suite Apps

Track partner and customer training in Salesforce

Turn Salesforce into a powerful student information system.

If training is the product you sell, then you need these valuable customer transactions integrated with your CRM.

  • Integrate all course details from Moodle/Totara with
  • Bi-directional support for managing contact enrollments
  • Automatically track course activity results
  • Automate course creation and cloning
  • Build advanced training reports and dashboards
  • Assign students to cohorts, audiences and groups
  • Set enrollment status to control course activation timing


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Integrate Adobe Connect with Moodle and Totara

Add virtual classrooms to your LMS

Integrate virtual classrooms from Adobe Connect with Moodle and Totara.

  • Create a single-sign-on connection to Adobe Connect meeting rooms
  • Control meeting room access timing
  • Assign a fixed grade or sliding scale based on participation duration
  • Automate scores into the gradebook
  • Integrate both live and recorded meetings


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