Empower Sales Teams with Virtual Meeting & Salesforce.com Integration!

Connect your Salesteam Enterprise Edition

Marketers will generate better leads!

Automatically track registrant, attendance and other key event metrics.

Track event registrations and attendance records

Connect Your Salesteam drops the Adobe event manager right into Salesforce. Marketing Managers will never have to scrub data in a spreadsheet ever again.

  • Log event registrations to existing contacts or create new leads
  • Automatically record attendance once events have completed
  • Advanced campaign management tools for tracking lead sources
  • Synchronize with Salesforce campaigns

Salesforce LMSCheckout

Sales leaders will deliver more effective training!

Track training results right inside your CRM.

Salesforce Learning

Deliver training from Adobe Connect right inside Salesforce.com

Provide reps with a single-sign-on connection to Adobe Connect Training and automatically track all course results inside Salesforce.

  • Reps access training through a custom My Training tab in Salesforce
  • Access advanced reporting through synchronized course grades
  • Enable the training library within Salesforce communities to deliver engaging partner and customer training

All users will love the convenience of running meetings  from Salesforce.

No more logging into multiple systems just to schedule a meeting.

Schedule and launch web meetings right from contact records in Salesforce

Sales reps save valuable time by scheduling and launching meetings from the contact records they are working in already while having their meetings automatically logged as completed activities in Salesforce.

  • Schedule meetings using a single mouse click from within a contact record
  • Launch instant meetings and invite other account participants from a single screen
  • Managers can monitor sales demos and support calls using advanced Salesforce reporting

Salesforce Integration

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