New Feature: Cloning a LMSchecout Store

The first step in supporting a Hub and Spoke model in building an online store front for course sales is the ability to “clone” an existing store. This feature comes in handy for two scenarios:

  1. Creating a child store that is linked to the parent store
  2. Making a copy of an existing store that required a tremendous amount of time to set up originally

There are a lot of considerations when setting up a store to sell things. Courses are no different. A solid listing has a title, a description, tags, an image and other critical variables based on how, when and why an organization is selling access to the course. It can take several minutes to properly configure a course listing. Now imagine you are a store owner with hundreds of courses?

The ability to clone an existing store in order to make an exact copy of all listings, settings and variables can greatly simplify store setup for organizations that only need branding to change from store to store. An admin can make a copy of a store in a matter of minutes and then spend valuable time on the look and feel of the new store in order to personalize it for a partner or key customer.

In addition to time savings, LMScheckout cloning helps to ensure data accuracy by not having to re-configure settings, greatly reducing human error.

Cloning a store in LMScheckout is easy. Sign in and navigate to Account Setup>Child Stores. From this screen you will be able to clone the existing store in three different ways. As you create cloned/child stores, they will appear in the list where they can be accessed in the future for editing.

cloning a lmscheckout store

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