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LMScheckout Certificates of Completion – New

LMScheckout is introducing Certificates of Completion, a new feature that will give store owners the ability to create and manage certificates of completion for courses and classes. This feature is currently being maintained by the LMS if one is integrated. This feature has been added to LMScheckout to provide a solution for live classes [...]

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LMScheckout Course Subscriptions – NEW

Course Subscriptions is a new enhancement to the existing subscription feature already available in LMScheckout. The original subscription model was designed to provide users with unlimited, site-wide access to all courses during the term for which they paid. In response to customer requests, this new subscription option allows individual subscriptions to course, program or [...]

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Salesforce1 – My Learning & Blackboard

Hello blog readers! A few weeks back I published a post about Blackboard and our new integration with them as another learning management system (LMS) for Enlighten CRM and Salesforce. Well today I'd like to go into a bit more detail about and focus on the Blackboard support with the Salesforce1 mobile app and Salesforce based [...]

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