LMScheckout – Single Sign-On Capabilities

Hello Readers! Welcome back to another Envisiontel blog post. Today I will be talking about the single sign-on capabilities of LMScheckout, using SAML. I will also be talking about our presence at ATD 2016 this year and what this could mean for you, so please, read on! Using an application such as LMScheckout often means [...]

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LMScheckout – Bulk Purchases

Hello Readers! Welcome back to the Envisiontel blog and special welcome to any newcomers. Today I will be talking about an LMScheckout feature addition, called Bulk Purchases. It doesn't matter whether your company is big, medium, or small in size, you will most likely be working in a team and require multiple people to have [...]

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LMSCheckout – Live Classes

Hello readers! Today I will be talking about a few new LMScheckout updates and added features. We have been hard at work this month to push a lot of new content out for LMScheckout and we have even bigger plans in the future. Read on to learn more! To get things rolling, Live Classrooms are [...]

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LMScheckout – My Courses Overhaul

Good day readers! Today I am posting to talk about the overhaul that has been done on the My Courses section of LMScheckout in the store view. Before the changes, users were presented with an unorganized list of all the courses they had ever enrolled in with a few options allowing them to view, rate or share a [...]

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EnlightenCRM – BlackBoard Integration

Today I am going to be talking about Enlighten CRMs brand new integration with Blackboard. Blackboard is an e-learning application which allows instructors to put class materials on the internet, similar to Moodle or Totara. Whether you have a learning need for K-12, graduate school, government agencies or private business, Blackboard is a new learning experience that [...]

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