LMScheckout is introducing Certificates of Completion, a new feature that will give store owners the ability to create and manage certificates of completion for courses and classes. This feature is currently being maintained by the LMS if one is integrated. This feature has been added to LMScheckout to provide a solution for live classes and courses. Admins can now create a certificate and assign it to classes or courses, set a grade upon completion if required. The can also email students with their certificate of completion from directly within the application.

From the mange certificate page, the admin can customize the certificate further by adding dynamic objects into the certificate backgrounds such as the user’s name, class title, credit hours Grade and completion date, to name a few. This dynamic data is then pulled from the database and populates on the individual user’s certificate. These certificates are saved in a library and can be edited or assigned to different courses.

Students can view and download their certificate from their account area, while admins can review a list of attendees who have earned their certification, download a pdf of the user’s certificate or email that to the user. The Class completion messages will now include the user’s certificate if that applies, and a new custom message titled “Certificate Resend Template” gives administrators the ability to create a customized email template to resend users their certificate.

This new feature significantly enhances the value of LMScheckout as a standalone solution. Store admins can now create and manage certificates of completion without the need of an LMS. This new feature will be initially released as a beta version, and additional improvements will be added based on customer feedback.