Automate your online training store

Shopify + Salesforce + Totara

Use Shopify to create your educational store front!

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Use Shopify to set up a training store to sell courses

Build a robust training catalog to sell online using the industry’s fastest growing shopping cart platform.

  • Choose from over 90 different theme templates
  • Synchronize with a product catalog
  • Use inventory controls to set training room capacity
  • Leverage the Shopify app exchange to find add-ons that help drive revenue


Courses, products, transactions and enrollments flow through Salesforce!

Salesforce is your training hub for automation and simplicity.


Salesforce becomes the bridge between your learning management system and store front

Use EnlightenCRM to synchronize courses from your learning management system with Shop2CRM converts courses to products and pushes them to Shopify for sale.

  • Synchronize the Salesforce product catalog with Shopify’s product catalog
  • Purchases made in Shopify appear as “closed won” opportunities in Salesforce
  • Salesforce triggers convert transactions into enrollments through EnlightenCRM

Data flows automatically from learning management to store front to CRM and back again.

shop2crm data flow

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