Setup a store in minutes and start charging admission to your online events.

Design custom themes to that are mobile ready

Event interface built in Bootstrap, making site fully responsive and supported in all mobile devices.

  • Customize all branding elements from fonts to colors to banners
  • Responsive design to support both desktop and mobile devices
  • Integration with popular social media
  • Support for traffic analytics

nroller theme

nroller commerce

Robust and flexible commerce tools

Ecommerce tools that are designed to drive online event revenue.

  • Support for popular payment gateways like PayPal and
  • Coupon code generator for promoting event specials
  • Percentage or whole dollar discounts available

Control access to events using groups

Manage premium member access or restrict access based on roles using the Nroller group management tools.

  • Create custom groups to control access to events
  • Build rules to stream line approval of users based on information in their profiles
  • Hide events from users not authorized for access

nroller groups

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